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My name is Emil Gustafsson and I am a Swedish artist living and working in Oslo, Norway, where I recieved an MFA from the national art academy (KHiO).


Exhibitions Posted on Fri, July 05, 2013 11:50:10

I have finally gotten around to collect the statistics from Snowflakes 1 and here are some of my findings.

200 jewellery pieces were taken.

194 forms were filled out, of which 2 were obviously fake (I even got one who posed as Usama Bin Laden who, as we have been told, was dead at the time).

Out of 200 forms, 147 were filled out correctly. The biggest aberration was that many missed the consent clause in fine print.
(A spontaneous survey with the students of my faculty (approximately 80 people) where, lets say, 60 participated, only three or four persons actually read the fine print.)

Among the participants, 35% were male, 61% were female and 4% were undefined

Participants were asked to choose a favourite shape from a selection of nine (see pic below.

19,5% preferred the circle
18% preferred the ellipse
13,5% preferred the star

The least popular shape was the sector (lower middle) with only 2,5%.

15% of the audience was left handed (compared to a global average of 11%)
4,5% were ambidextrous (which is probably far above the global average)

The average age of the visitors was 35,1 years, with the youngest participant being 5 years old and the oldest being 73 years old.

The average visitor was 171 cm tall. (5’7″)

People of 17 nationalities participated.

Det det dreier seg om

Machinery Posted on Wed, June 19, 2013 19:22:48

A nonsensical machine that does nothing but gearing up and down and giving a user something to do. Acrylic, steel, bakelite and beech wood.

(Det det dreier seg om is a title in Norwegian that is pretty hard to translate properly, but it means roughly “that which it is turning around”)

Jewellery dispenser

Jewellery/machinery Posted on Wed, June 19, 2013 19:19:46

This is a first sketch for a jewellery dispenser. It contains 50
similar necklaces that are dispensed with the turning of the red crank
on the side of the machine.

It is not enough to make things, it also needs accessories.

Jewellery Posted on Wed, June 19, 2013 18:45:33

Working on some ideas to bring Tabula Onerata pieces further (see previous post)

#65 and #??, 1st edition, Milled and numbered and painted.

Packaging for one brooch and a CD with a video the creation of the piece inside.

Closed packaging.

Bachelors degree show 2013

Exhibitions Posted on Wed, June 19, 2013 18:36:51

This year I graduated from my bachelors studies in jewellery art with the work Tabula Onerata which is a 3D mill that mills out 10 by 10 points in a strict grid on a brooch made out of white acrylic sheet. Each point is either milled or not, depending on the control cards’ intake of random radio frequencies.

A video of it in action can be seen HERE

Galleri 838

Jewellery Posted on Wed, June 19, 2013 18:30:04

Galleri 838 (Nordic spelling) consists of 8 cubic brooches measuring 8*8*8 cm. The brooches are made from steel, brass and 3 mm acrylic, laser cut sheet. The brooches are to be worn by a group, displaying jewellery pieces inside, as an alternative exhibition room. It was tested in 2013, when a lot of jewellery exhibitions opened in Oslo as part of the “From The Coolest Corner”-exhibition. More updates regarding this project are sure to follow.

Oh! the name comes from (8^3)cm³*8

Five of the eight cubes.

Machine Drawn Jewels (2013)

Exhibitions Posted on Wed, June 19, 2013 18:21:59

The third of march I had the honour to be invited to The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Oslo. I was to have a one day stunt exhibition in the middle of the travelling jewellery exhibition “From The Coolest Corner”. For this exhibition I built and programmed three machines that made jewellery pieces. The creation process of the pieces were influenced by audience members that were allowed to control the machines. The pieces were later given to the participants.Below follows pictures of the machines plus some blueprints.
Videos will be uploaded in a while.

Snowflakes 1 (2012)

Exhibitions Posted on Wed, June 19, 2013 18:03:05

Snowflakes 1 was an exhibition where I made 180 brooches and 20 necklaces made out of laser cut and painted acrylic. The pieces were of ten different types and in editions of 20 each. The pieces were put randomly in numbered envelopes that were put on the wall. By filling out a form, giving away personal information, including finger prints but excluding names, the visitors/participants were free to take the envelope with the corresponding number to their form. The gathered information is to be used in a later exhibition.

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