M.A.K.E. I.T. C.O.U.N.T. is a keyboard intended to turn internet updates and other snippet shaped communications into a place for reflection and planning. The keyboard consists of one rotary encoder with the English alphabet encoded on it and three buttons. These buttons are erase,space and ABC(print). A user has to find the correct next letter through turning the black knob and pushing the ABC button until the desired letter is reached. unnecessary letters are erased manually and the desired letter is once again entered. In this fashion it goes on, significantly slowing down the communication speed, thereby enabling the user to actually reflect on what he/she is writing. The title is short for Manual Alphabetic Knob Enabling Information Transcription Communicating Only Using Necessary Tools.

For the moment, it is connected to a twitter account and anyone coming in contact with the physical machine are invited to update that account with whatever they please. The long term goal is to make a publication with these probably more or less insightful snippets of communication.

You can find M.A.K.E. I.T. C.O.U.N.T. twitter feed here.