Social Catalysts was a jewellery exhibition by Emil Gustafsson, located on the third floor of KHiO:s new gallery. The exhibited objects were jewellery pieces that had an immediate communicative function by facilitating the first contact between strangers. This was achieved either through offering a topic of conversation or inviting to play and physical interaction.
Below follows some of the exhibited works.
The poster for the exhibition.

100 Gaver/100 Gifts. These were given away to the visitors. Acrylic, gold, silver and brass
100 Gaver/100 Gifts placed on the floor by the innermost wall.
Jeg spanderer/my treat (Brooch) Brooch for offering a single piece of chewing gum. Silver, acrylic, steel, spring steel, brass, aluminium, chewing gum.
PEW! PEW! PEW! (Ring) Made for sneak shooting people in public spaces. The tube on the ring is worn inside the hand and the sprint is pulled with the thumb. Silver, haematite and steel.
Auto comforting device (Ring) Silver, cherry wood, ink. Hollow constructed

Some of the recipients from the 100 Gaver/100 Gifts installation.